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The detailed Fan Letters!!! OMG!
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Hey everyone!!! Being a Sex symbol comes with many perks..... The Fame.... The coins and Most of all..... The Fan's most intimate thoughts of you placed in a letter LOL.... Well you guys know me and Know I love to Share! So let me go ahead and Let you Read this one and tell me what ya think, but be warned.... It's very descriptive! And...... Dirty! Really Need Your Asshole, IT'S DESTINY Hey Madison. My name is Brandon, Im on my cousin's account, Im sure he won't mind lol maybr but let me tell you i want to make sweet, nasty, wet & sticky love to you. Im only a top but sense you like dick i promise to toungue kiss you til you in a way you will never wanna stop, suck your titts till they milk and i'll drink it all up, lick that ass while your eyes roll in the back of your head and it gets just a lil loose and just bury my tounge deep inside it til i taste the 1st meal you ever ate IN YOUR LIFE!!! Oh My Go, IM SO HORNY FOR YOU, I'll Stick my dick in slow in missionary while i look you in the face just to saver the moment and go in for more kissing and go as deep as you really want me 2 while im sucking your neck and titts, Ooooh Baby i want you raw on my dick. Get on top of me and let me know you love it as much as i love you while i kiss your belly and rub your booty as im puncturing thay wet, juicy hole. After every position let me taste that ass i wanna eat it til you pass out if it's possible, Damn let me make love to you while you screaming and telling me you love it and hours later you slowly grind that tight pussy on my dick while we're making out and im busting my babies in your hole as it squeezes the life out of my dick. Mmmmm let me get you pregnant, Mmmm baby. I need that ass. I want it in private though babe is that possible ?

Big Dick Bitch in heat!
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With the summer here and it being so its time for me to bare it all!!! The question to you fellas is DO YOU REALLY WANT SOME OF THE BIG DICK BITCH OF THE SOUTH?....well I hope so cause just like the heat is turned up so am I.....Im going to be doing a few road trips in the south to start, Im gonna release the dates or places to where exactly but when i have secured the dates...please know I WILL ONLY BE CORROSPONDING WITH SERIOUS GENTLEMAN who are trying to do video with me! I repeat serious GENTLEMAN ONLY....now some of you may want some private time with THE BIG DICK BITCH without the cameras...WELL, thats really not what im looking for However that will cost you some money....and it wont be cheap! any way that was just a heads up! i am so hoping you are enjoying these scorching hot updates and hopefully you will be one of the chosen to be apart of the new videos coming!.... please email me for details tsmadison@bigdickbitch.com or click here for the models application

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