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Baller Caller Booty
So I was taking my Trash out to the curb this afternoon and Caught the attention of the Garbage Man who just happened to be my biggest Fan! He was like OMG I did not Know all this time i was doing this route i was taking taking out your trash DAM THAT ASS IS REAL AND SO MUCH BIGGER IN PERSON, CAN I FUCK IT!??? I said "BUT OF COURSE AS LONG AS YOU GOT SOME MONEY! that nicca parked that garbage truck so fast and followed this 58INCH ass in the house took off his clothes and i sucked his long dick! then he laid me on my back and fucked me missionary style just the way i like it!!! the sex was so good he came so quick but made sure i bust a fat NUTT before he left to get back to his route!!!.... now let me tell you something...this ass is a monster but its a BALLER CALLER BOOTY! meaning NO MONEY.....NO HONEY!! you got the money? email me
Added 10/02/2015
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ANAL T.R.A.D.E Training Course
Everyone now a days want to be the perfect T.R.A.D.E and pay me for my you seen in the last course I trained the dude to have perfect oral in this ANAL T.R.A.D.E Course im Teachin JHA BOOM how to really enjoy the pleasures of the SHE-COCK and to fully pleasure his BIG DICK he wAS extremely skilled in the ORAL section and made me cum within the first 2 minutes of his training course....but that was a huge mistake! because once I regained my big black hard on.....his training was a little more harder than he imagined!!! I wore his ass out! you must see to believe! if you are interested in this course and want to be hand picked know that the course is not cheap and it is a VIDEO TRAINED COURSE meaning it is u can be a aprt of teaching other trans attracted men the proper way to be a T.R.A.D.E contact me via email at only proper messages will get a reply!
Added 08/13/2015
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31 minute(s), 44 second(s)  of video.

Oral T.R.A.D.E Training
It is my duty before I completely retire to make you men Perfect for the NEW GENERATION of transgender women! No longer will you deprive us special ladies of our sexual longer will you come over and get nuts from us and not give us any! it is my mission to fully T.R.A.D.E train you men the way you should be with ALL chicks with dicks! On todays lesson, a gentleman wrote me a long LOVE letter and explained to me that he must have the T.R.A.D.E training course immediately because he wanted to marry a transwoman and felt like he needed to be the perfect husband for her! I decided to give him the ORAL course first and made him suck this big black anaconda until it exploded all over his face. I really loved teaching this Street Dude how to be a great trade! the course is inexpensive and the price varies for all,but in order to be trained by TS MADISON me this is a video course only!
Added 06/02/2015
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Trap Qween
Im no stranger to the Hood and Hood Niccas! my New daddy "chicoBlack" had been out Trapping all night long and I caught his eye as I was checking in to my hotel in we made eye contact in the lobby I quickly slipped him my number and told him I know he was a smooth criminal cause he stole my heart with one look! He laughed and told me he wasn't no thief he was a real hustler and had so many trap houses all over dade county and was in the hotel meeting his connect! I called him up to my room and told him that we was a match made in heaven cause I am now officially his new TRAP QWEEN! that nicca had a real sweet chico stick that I sucked like it was going outta style, he had a real big dick hole that I was determined to make shoot like a cannon but not before I allowed him to bury it deep in my asshole.... DAM HE HAD SOME GOOD DICK! But all good things come to an end! im looking for a new daddy! to be his TRAP QWEEN! HIT ME UP
Added 04/13/2015
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Intimate Setting
The term "intimate" means Personal and Private....well in this sexxxy hardcore video I proved two things, One that I don't always need a good camera Man to capture the essence of a hot steamy moment and Two Real Men suck dick! Me and this sexy young Thuggish type dude had been sexting back and forth for some time now and finally decided to meet up for some hot sticky fun, well I had to explain to him the rules of "being with TS MADISON" and that is I don't have any sexual fun unless m either on film or being paid for my time and He actually agreed to do BOTH but only on one condition...if I made the moment INTIMATE for him and also if he was able to suck my big pretty dick dry and cum in his mouth! I agreed to his term and decided to tell my camera man im going to film this video myself! I got decked out in my long blonde hair and pretty pink lipstick and fortunate enough for him I had been eating Pineapples all week so my nut was gonna be good and sweet! this is a great sexy private type video...sorta like "fan cam" only this one was shot by me! I hope you enjoy and remember I am always down for a good Intimate setting like this one but I don't fuck for free!!!! my email is TSMADISON@BIGDICKBITCH.COM lets have a intimate setting on my next video shoot!
Added 02/23/2015
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Video Phone Sex
Some of the best moments have been captured on video and not by a professional camera but right from a persons cellular phone!!! so it came as no surprise to me when I got the email from one of my fans telling me he wanted to come over and let me suck him up and then stick his FAT cum filled dick in my asshole while he recorded it on his new IPHONE 6! One thing you have to know about me is im always down for a good fuck and suck but im even more excited when it comes down to putting it on video! well needless to say he came over with his new phone and we broke it right on in! I sucked his dick and he fucked me and its saved in his phones hard drive so he can look at it anytime he's ready to reminisce on the night of love we had!!! come let me put this ass on your new or old phone!!!! im down!!! its all going on
Added 01/23/2015
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20 minute(s), 47 second(s)  of video.

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