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Yall FELLAS always complaining about how you want to see this 57 inch Tranny booty FUCKED PROPERLY! I hear all of you talking..But nobody wants to step up and PUT DOWN, Well today I got this mutherfucker FUCKED STOOOPID like a big tranny booty supposed to be! Hard Rough and Deep! This was just what I been needing after a long week of working! This the Kinda Fucking That all bitches with asses Big or small need! I want you men that talk shit about laying down the pipe to take notes from this nicca right here! If you think you can do better don't send me pointers, fill out the models application and get on and let the world know that this ASS RIGHT HEA.....CAN BE FUCKED RIGHT!
Added 04/08/2014
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Everybody has seen those infamous VINE videos of Mine and most of all of them went viral...especially the video in particular called ''COME ON IN" where im inviting you in to to have a "GOOD TIME" unfortunately #VINE has made people remove all adult material from they're accounts and it would have seemed as though these videos were lost for ever!...but oh NO! thanks to Me I still have those videos and even have made a hot new movie paying HOMAGE to the super popular viral In this video I meet A more Mature gentleman than im used to filming with who goes by the Name "DADDY DICK", he has traveled a long way just to show me that these young dudes I been filming with aint giving me the proper DADDY DICK that I need and he was gone fix all that, as you know im always down to make a hot steamy movie and had to see was DADDY DICK all that he made himself out to be, I was really trying to see was the NEW YORK CITY native able to hold down the title for his maturity and his city....if you want to know if he did or just gone have to watch! LOL but if you a dude that wants to rep your city or hold it down for your town please shoot me an email and lets set up a hardcore video shoot today! im always looking...FOR YOU!
Added 03/19/2014
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BigDickBitch meets DRILLA
Well its been a Long time coming But Im Glad to say I think Ive almost met my Equal! Now as you All know Im the kind of Girl that most men want! Im cute in the Face and Thick EVERYWHERE else! So it should not come as a surprise to anyone that another TITAN in the porn Industry would want to come lay it down on THE BIG DICK BITCH! DRILLA is a Chicago native that Lives in NYC and has one of the BIGGEST Dicks on the east coast! Not to mention that he has shot some great scenes with other Porn stars and Companies but it was just something bout my extra Hood ASS that made him HAVE TO HAVE ME! This is his first scene with a TRANSGENDERED WOMAN so he said why not stir it up and Dick down the Best in the Bizness?..... I must say he did come thru and represent CHICAGO very very well! there are MULTIPLE nuts busted in this movie!...I mean....MULTIPLE....he pulled nuts outta me that I didn't even know I had, That dick was a MAJOR pain in my ass but no nigga is gone punk me so I had to take that shit like a champ!, Did I mention I came MULTIPLE times in this scene? If you don't add this hot video to your you missing out! DRILLA REALLY MADE ME HAVE A NEW FOUND LOVE FOR THE WINDY CITY! so right now.....CHICAGO IS #1 on the List for BEST DICK AND HEAD ever! you think you can rep your city better? IM LOOKING FOR YOU!.... EMAIL ME lets put it to the test!...(video proof only)
Added 03/01/2014
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Drunk In LOVE
Well My Boyfriend and I was at home chillin with nothing to do on this boring Night so he decided to roll up and smoke that Good Kush and I decided to Have a bottle of Alcohol and you Know what they say happens after that GOOD KUSH AND ALCOHOL LOL.....We became DRUNK IN LOVE and OMG "WE BE ALL NIGHT"!!!!!!!! First of all you Got to understand that this Man Dick is so thick... so Long AND real BLACK its difficult for me to handle at times, and when He smoke his blunts it just turn him into a real Horn Ball for me and he smashes this Fat ass down!.....I squirm and scream and moan but that just intensify the way he slowly shove his dick in my creamy love tunnel, I think the drunker I was the wetter it made my booty and right when I was about to scream stop!!! He snatched his huge Dick out of me and shot his pure white nut all over my Fat Drunk ass! know I am a freak and wanted round 2! cause im never tired... never tired!!.....and BOY DO I LOVE THAT MAN! AND HE LOVES ME!
Added 02/09/2014
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It Seems like the bigger of a star I become the more the haters stay on my trail!! sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with the Methods they use to Try and get rid of me! from Flagging my Facebook Posts to reporting my YouTube videos, but no matter what methods They use it never works because I'm still standing!!!! Well as I was being interviewed by the paparazzi out of nowhere a Hater appeared and Tried to run me down with a pair of scissors an attempted to cut off my big tranny DICK , Now they really was going for the Gold trying to take my most Prize possession From Me....I RAN AND RAN and he was right behind me trying to snip away but I managed to tackle him to the ground and drag His ass into my office and literally GAG AND FUCK THAT H8TIN ASS NIGGA to Death...leT me tell you whack bitches matter what you do.. who you send or what you say THE BIG DICK BITCH is here to stay! so back off HOES...BEFORE I FUK YOU HATERZ!
Added 01/23/2014
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How to Please the Queen
I am the reigning BLACK Queen of the internet right now...there is so many places my voluptuous ASS can be seen from VINE, to YOUTUBE, to FACEBOOK and TWITTER but at the end of the day when im winding down from a most tedious work week I really just like to unwind..... but the way I do it is a lil different from the Norm! I like to put on my most sexy high heels a lil cute dress a most gorgeous face call up my big booty boy toy and FUCK his mutha fucking brains out! Let me tell you something...every man don't have a direct contact to me because I am not accessible like that, but this boy toy right here is on my speed dial because he most definitely Knows how to Please the QUEEN!... He oiled me up.. sucked me up and got in the buck! just the way I like it! submitting to the will of this BIG BLACK ROYAL DICK and what I love about him he likes to have it on video so that the world can see how I have tamed his hot throbbing Man hole!....see the reason why he has direct access to the QUEEN is because he Passed my T.R.A.D.E. Training course Long time ago! but there is still time for YOU to sign up for the course but keep in mind the course is video taped so everyone can see!.... Feel free to try out for the course email me at
Added 01/09/2014
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