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Video Phone Sex
Some of the best moments have been captured on video and not by a professional camera but right from a persons cellular phone!!! so it came as no surprise to me when I got the email from one of my fans telling me he wanted to come over and let me suck him up and then stick his FAT cum filled dick in my asshole while he recorded it on his new IPHONE 6! One thing you have to know about me is im always down for a good fuck and suck but im even more excited when it comes down to putting it on video! well needless to say he came over with his new phone and we broke it right on in! I sucked his dick and he fucked me and its saved in his phones hard drive so he can look at it anytime he's ready to reminisce on the night of love we had!!! come let me put this ass on your new or old phone!!!! im down!!! its all going on
Added 01/23/2015
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20 minute(s), 47 second(s)  of video.

Dam!!!! That ass Tho'
Women cant understand the obsession with Trannies and Real Men.....ummmm im here to let yall know...."Its that ASS Tho'" baby im built like a thick hood chick that's fully staked with ASS HIPS TITTYS and a big black Negro DICK that's full of cum and don't mind shooting it! I was reunited in this video with the Long Dick "perfect Gentleman" who Greased this big 58 inch ass up and dicked it down!!!!!!!!!!! I gave that good GEORGIA DOME and laid back and let him tea bag me with those big saggy nuts!! Dam this was a good fuck session I don't think none of yall can handle this Big fine tranny bbw.... im always looking to hardcore movies like these but yall niccas scared.... hit me up when you camera ready....
Added 12/21/2014
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Thank You Daddy
Let Me school you young girls on how to Please your Daddy.... See when you got a good Daddy That brings you home his whole Pay check you get down on your fucking Knees and Beg Him to suck his juicy Long thick dick! Make sure you have your sexxxy freak um dress on and some real sexy heels on...tell him you want his dick down your throat and stare deep into his eyes while you give him that sloppy neck... its imperative that you lick his balls and tell him that his dick is the sweetest dick you have ever had in your life.... beg him to blast his hot sweet cum in your mouth and remember to be a good girl and catch it all when it explodes in the back of your throat and when he's done filling your hot mouth up with that good nut don't forget to tell him......"THANK YOU DADDY" and always be ready to repeat all these steps again. This is the only way I suck dick....try me....
Added 12/04/2014
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Suck it! Dont Be shy
I am always being messaged and emailed by very curious men....Now I have been in the movie making business for over a decade and have seen and heard it all, but what always baffles me is when I give one of you Guys the chance to Have me yall get all nervous and shy! Well I let Vail Crow come thru and meet me yesterday and the first thing he did was clam up and get quiet! so me being the high energy bitch I am decided that I was gone take over in the situation and politely asked him to rub all over this juicy thick tranny body, which quickly got me extremely aroused and I just couldn't hold my big dick in my panties any longer!!!!!!!!! well the minute it came out he started to stroke it and suck my titties but was actin all shy and scared like he didn't want to suck it, so I slowly whispered in his ear..."suck it baby don't be shy" and when I did that it was like I ignited a huge flame inside him.....he started eating this dick like a hot dog and enjoyed every moment of it!, the way he licked this tranny meat let me know that its sweet succulent juices was so delicious...being that it was his first time I think he did a good you think you can handle me better? write me
Added 11/24/2014
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No matter what anyone says about Trans Women, we make the perfect wives! See One thing about me when im with my husband... I make sure that his NUT SACK stays empty....why? cause I don't need no other Bitch Fuckin my Man because im slacking off!....Lemme tell you, I walk around with some of the sexxxiest shit on just cause I Know that keeps my boo Dick on swole! Every time he asks me to fuck or suck his meat, I never tell Him No because the Dick too bomb! anyways, Today was a little bit different than usual, I felt really bored and walked up and down the street with an ORANGE LACE BODY SUIT on without panties on, so that my ass could get real moist in the middle and walked in and told My Man to take me down to the basement and strap me to the my lace open and shove his big 11inch dick deep in me and make me nut!...Well things got real heated and passionate and we bust our first set of nuts and the cum oozed all over our cocks as we remained hard got ready to go all in for the next spewing...He bent me over a shoved much dick to me as I screamed for him to fuck me, I rolled over on my back and he spared no mercy on my bootyhole....I wanted more of his hot semen so let him destroy my asshole and then begged him to cum in my mouth.....boy I got hard telling this story, but unfortunately that's not my husband and if there is any real MAN out there that's trying to Make m theyre TRANNY WIFEY email me at and lets make some husband and wife videos for my site
Added 10/19/2014
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Categories:  ANAL, ASS, bondage, cumshot, FACIALS, Fetishes

The Suck Up Pro
I really have to admit....I Love Love Love, sucking dick...Now I don't know if you guys have ever sat back and enjoyed the skills of a REAL HEAD HUNTER but baby you aint never had your meat sucked unless these pretty #tranny lips have been wrapped tight and securely around the shaft of your dick! In this video I had been craving a Long Dick sandwich and decided to call my lil friend up and have some phone sex with him and couldn't hold it in any longer....I begged him to come over so I could have him blow his hot sweet load in my hungry mouth! As soon as he got to the house I wasted no time pulling out his soft dick and shoving it in my warm mouth and was so excited to feel it grow on my tounge! I sucked and slurped and licked all over that good dick while holding my own she cock in my hand and trying to keep from releasing my hot sperm everywhere!...The blow Job got real intense as I speed up the pace with my suction...he rose up from the chair and started fucked my head aggressively almost making me throw up on the dick and right when I almost couldn't take it any more he shoved his dick in my throat and moaned so loud and I could feel his dick explode in my mouth the moment was so intense I shot a heavy load all over the floor! if you have a good juicy dick that needs to be milked....lets make a video! im always willing...just write me and tell me you want the SUCK A DICK PRO!
Added 10/01/2014
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