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"P.Dicky" is his name and he is sooooooo handsome, I love the way his milky WHITE skin looks on top of me and the way his pink dick and tounge feels down my throat I am so happy he is the first to start my new video series off which im calling "FAN CAM"..... you see, I have always looked or freaky guys to film videos with me and some write me and never get a chance, but in my new video series Im letting Guys submit videos to me telling me why I should let them give me GOOD SEX and why I should pick them for might seem simple and open to anyone, but its not...I want men who are comfortable with their sexuality and also more interested in totally pleasing me by any means necessary! In this video I was out in California and I reviewed the video submission of "P DICKY" AND was impressed with the sincerity in his voice to give me some of his MULATTO DICK and to Make me Cum! i set up the fan cam and made this a REALITY TV type video so you can see the rawness and real energy that I put into this FAN CAM video!..... if you are interested in being in one of my FAN CAM movies video submissions are taken by email make sure you tell me why I should want to pick you and be in your birthday suit while you're doing it! just never know, I might be in your area and you'll get a chance to shove your big dick in me on my FAN CAM!!!!!!
Added 09/01/2014
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Featuring:  Big DICK BITCH , P Dicky
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Gimmie That wild out door sex nigga!.....creep out the bushes and give me that ANACONDA RAW!!!!! He said "MY ANACONDA DONT WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNZ HUN!" and I got major BUNZ!...ASS ASS AND MO ASS!..but I got a big python too and if you stroke it right it will spit white snake juice!.... what would you do if you caught all this WILD ass twirling around in a circle???? I know you would fuck it right? especially if it was doing the tribal DICK CALLING DANCE bending over spreading them cheeks whispering "buss it wide open daddy! right here right now!!!" If you got a anaconda and you think you can beat and tame this wild ass.......IM OUTSIDE WAITING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW........BIGDICKBITCH.COM BABY!
Added 08/08/2014
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Big Dick Bitch and BlackNYC
I guess since I aint coming to Nyc fast enough they coming to Me!... it was a hot Day here in Georgia and I think its something about this southern summertime Heat that Drives the Boys Crazy! I put on all blue cause I was gonna get real DIRTY with Black!...he and I had been chatting on Facebook and Twitter for about 4 Months now and he told me he will be visiting Atlanta for the summer from BROOKLYN! He also told me that he wanted to drop dick in me in a major way and was willing to do whatever it takes to show me that NYC is the only place that breeds DUDES with Good sex!.... Well as you all know I am always up for a challenge!.....when he arrived here he was very nervous but I quickly made him feel at home by allowing him to watch me clap my 58 inch ass on my back porch and told him to come over and rub it just to see how soft it was! we quickly moved the party to the inside of the house and I wasted no time shoving his black nine inch cock down my throat... I think it was too much for him cause in moments he was sayin...."im cumin" and unloaded his seed on my lips which made me bust my tranny load all over my to my surprise his erection remained upright and I quickly reached for a magnum condom and proceeded to assume the ass up face down position and allowed him to dig in my ass until he could not stand it anymore and released his second load all in my pretty face!....well I gotta admit....NYC....represented.....follow me on twitter @tsmadisonatl1 or Facebook Madison Hinton
Added 07/10/2014
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Dick Survey
Ive been extremely busy these days working on my Mainstream Career and have been from city to city and state to state, and really have not had enough time to get my freak on like I usually do.....well in this case right here I made some time! I checked into me hotel in HOLLYWOOD on one of my many stays there and found nothing on tv to entertain put on my periwinkle blue net dress and my 6inch stoned stiletto heels and paraded up and down the hallways of the hotel knockin on door to find me some action, I stumbled on this one door and from the moment it opened I Knew it was the right one, cause when the gentleman opened it I asked him can I do a COCK SURVEY and he immediately told me to COME ON IN! when those pants dropped and I saw all the 100 percent USDA Grade A horse meat come out those drawls I was gone eat good tonite!....I ate and ate and ate on that fat dick so good that it spit up the thickest creamiest whitest pure sweet seed ive taste and seen in a long time! good in fact that it made me blow my tranny milk all over the floor!....dam I hope when I come to your city you have some USDA GRADE A DICK for me! please hit me up lets make a movie about it baby let me know how good that dick Is!!!!!!!!!!
Added 06/26/2014
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I think its tooo Big
I've been gone for a Minute but Im back and Look what I have jumped ON! A Dick so Fat I had to give him a lap dance! Im gone tell yall like I've told you before....AINT NAN SIZE DICK YOU CAN KEEP UP OUT ME!!!!!!!!.....I love a challenge and even though it hurt....this DICK was the answer to my DICK CRAVING!.....His Name is COCK DEISEL and his specialty is "GIVING THE D" and my my my...did he give me the D LOL! ass was so sticky from that LUBE that it was causing friction and he told me my ass was so hot it almost made his DICK melt inside!...Dam why did that dick hurt so GOOD? Had me moaning and groaning for more! you think you can beat this ass up better?....hmmm I doubt it!...but im always looking for a Good Ass Smashing...but on video only! LOL hit me up im recruiting!
Added 05/28/2014
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Trained To Go
You Know most Men That are repeat Video Models on my site Have completed my T.R.A.D.E TRAINING 101 Course and after they Have done that they Graduate to my "Trained To Go" status (TTG). This thick booty Nicca right here needed a full RE TRAINING cause he was out there in the world doing his thang and the girls told me he was a Tad Bit Rusty On pleasing the TRANS WOMEN with Dicks the way he was supposed to! So being the school teaching Bitch I am, I made this whore get on his Mutha fuckin Job! He ate this Tranny Candy Like it was a fresh snickers out the wrapper and ended up FACE DOWN ASS UP for the Gawdess begging me to turn his black ASS out!, But it didn't stop there....he flipped his swole ass over and gave me the Goods Missionary style till he couldn't handle no Mo and let his man Juice shoot in the air like a missile!....but don't think it stopped there Baby cause I never leave a situation like that without getting my sack emptied out I had him put his big lips back on the candy stick and chew it till the creamy center was oozing from it! so now I can say this one is definitely TRAINED TO GO!.... if you got what it takes to be my new superstar, im always down to TRADE TRAIN YOU!....MY email is we are always seeking new trainees for video!
Added 04/29/2014
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